Rick Nixon


Everything I make is meant to be cast at some point in its history. I like the way that molds are inhabited by liquids and other substances before they become solid. But their habitation is obtained by means both contingent and transient. This is how I relate to things and how I know them. It is easy to recognize something but it takes a lot of focus to know it.

It is perilous and impossible to know a thing. I usually start out with something that catches the corner of my eye. (Object a and Object b started out as those dots you see when you rub your eyes.)  Sketching, modeling, then eventually making a thing is like staring at it harder and harder. I bring more to it, it means more and I expect more of it. I keep dumping more into the depression it makes in my mind. The weight of it all makes it harder to retrieve. The depression is permanent.

Rick Nixon, 2013

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